Adobe Clp Agreement

This agreement applies to Adobe desktop products that are not part of the Creative Cloud offer and offer permanent licenses for Adobe products. Users can benefit from the maximum discount offered by Adobe. NERCOMP negotiates the best prices and conditions for its members and works with external legal advisors to facilitate agreements between NERCOMP and suppliers. Any license or agreement obtained or entered into as a benefit of a consortium member`s NERCOMP membership depends on the fact that the institution will remain an active member of NERCOMP for the duration of the licence or agreement. If a licence agreement is for three years. B, the consortium member must renew at least twice its annual subscription to NERCOMP to remain an active member of the consortium for the duration of three years. If a member of the consortium does not renew its NERCOMP membership in time during the term of the licence or agreement, this may lead either to a) the termination of the licence or agreement, or to b) to the loss of the discounted prices available exclusively to neRCOMP consortium members. Volume reduction: Adapted on the basis of negotiated agreements, NERCOMP also negotiates separate agreements with individual suppliers that govern NERCOMP`s relationship with the seller. Although NERCOMP members are not parties to these agreements, NERCOMP makes copies available to each member, upon request, for verification.

The goal of this site is to enable all UCL employees to quickly and easily access information about the Adobe CLP agreement. This page will be updated if changes are made to the agreement. It is in effect until the end of the agreement and can be extended. The price is limited to the remaining duration of the contract. The Adobe CLP agreement is an agreement that gives UCL a discount on indefinite Adobe products. The discount is based on steps, based on our Adobe editions each year. The Adobe CLP agreement offers no support. Servicedesk can only provide limited assistance to products that are part of its services and can be contacted by ext 25000 or by e-mail to IT services. CLP 5.0 is a two-year licensing agreement with Adobe Systems, Inc., to offer Adobe`s member institutions discounted products and services through House International (SHI) software reseller software. Software products purchased through this program are available with permanent licenses. Maintenance services are acquired for the duration of the CLP. The Adobe CLP agreement allows uCL secondary user rights to install a license acquired on a personal computer for work-related purposes, unless both are used simultaneously.

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