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– It must be delivered to our offices within 30 days of the date of receipt of orders. The date of receipt of the application is essential! The date of receipt of the cancellation request (by email, mail, phone or fax) is the date chosen for the cancellation. The exhibitor has one week after receiving this notification to refuse to participate in the event on the scheduled date. Each license contains a version number in addition to the issue date when the license is re-issued. In the event of a cancellation that has been indicated 2 weeks (14 days) before the event (as indicated by the date of receipt) or later or not, the full fee will be charged. July 15 for the following winter semester (exclusive deadline – date of receipt) The visa should therefore be requested at an early stage. Interventions by authorities and/or cases of force majeure or any other restriction beyond our control (for example. B service interruptions and strikes) give us the right to terminate all or part of the contract or to require it to be executed at a later date, without any claim to the supplier. It contains a list of all the trips that took place during the accounting month, with an indication of the vehicle`s license plate, the date of the trip and the number of persons transported.

To secure your booking, we ask for a valid credit card and an expiry date or prepayment equal to 30% of the reserved agreement. The missing segment displayed under the rest serves as a graphic element to add a position, event or date. The validity of the ACSI Club ID is automatically extended to the expiry date (as shown on the card). If this happens before the expiration date, it`s best to open a new glass or just make tahini — or nut butter — yourself. Is there an expiration date for the service I purchased? Und opening pipes are stable until the expiry date. Insurance is tacitly extended by one year after the expiry date and after each subsequent year of insurance. Your partner when systems approach their expiration date. Eligible subscribers can continue to access product downloads, use professional support calls – and receive priority support in TechNet forums through their updated expiry date, which can be found on the My Account page of the TechNet Subscription Benefits Portal.

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